Big Wheel Mario Circa 1972

Me, circa 1971.

Revista means magazine in Spanish. Who is Mario?
A work in progress…aren’t we all?

He has thyroid nodules.

He can be melancholic. He doesn’t want others to experience this.

His parents where Cuban émigrés. They were two of the most decent people he’s ever known.

Most of the time we can’t be “awesome” because unfortunately our humanity doesn’t allow it. We put too much emphasis on being “awesome” in this narcissistic culture that we live in, and because of that we are deprived of the beauty of just being ourselves.

His is trying to read this old English man Chesterton. He died in 1936 - his wisdom is even more relevant today than ever. He was a saint, and he might be recognized as such one day.

He’s a designer in New York who collects cameras, and is fond of those cameras that are not DSLRs. Instead he likes those cameras that are rangefinders, vintage, Polaroid, or toy, and anything with the name Leica on it.

He shoots with specific cameras such as:

A rare camera called the Epson R-D1s with a 35mm, 50mm Leica, or a Voigtlander 28mm lens. Not a cheap camera, it’s rare because it’s the first of its type. It’s a digital rangefinder. Presently there are only a few digital rangefinder cameras available - this was the first.
The Olympus E-P1 micro 4/3 camera using an inexpensive close circuit tv lens.
The Canon, Canonet QL17, a classic rangefinder.
He also shoots with the iphone 5, because it’s there.

He knows that socialism sucks. Many urban Americans still refuse to understand this fact. They will pay a price for that and it will sadly hurt our nation.

He likes Tintin comics.

Just because it’s foreign or in black and white doesn’t always mean it’s art, good, - or correct.

Almost anything in analog, although obsolete and archaic is more charming than digital.

A piece of paper, a ruler, and a somewhat pointed pencil are things of beauty and great promise. Old fashioned stationary stores, where have they gone?

He’s old fashioned in a modern way, and modern in an old fashioned way.

Liberty is not libertinism.

He understands the “God’s children” thing. But, children do misbehave often though…

He’s very nice. Sometimes too nice.

Don’t believe everything you read in the media. All the news that’s fit to confuse.

He is very opinionated. (if you haven’t noticed already)…

Some times the mundane is beautiful, especially if captured on film, and less so if digital is the medium you so choose, but digital does surprise on occasion.

Cheap beer and old man cocktails (like Tom Collins, Rusty Nails, and Old Fashions - they rule!)

Everyone makes a Bloody Mary different. Drink a bad one and it sucks. Drink an excellent one and you’ll taste it in your mind for years.

He likes to photograph the urban fabric, old cars, the Mid Century Modern, things that are analog, neon, bistros, Jewish delis, and food, and strong enlightened women who are beautiful inside and out.

He is not too keen on pretty photography. He thinks that sometimes one has to kill photography to make it successful or art.

Feticide is the slavery of our time. Fight it.

He was born premature at seven months, so he thinks different about most things.

Digital is nice, but film is better.

Sometimes people just “get it” without putting to much thought into it. It’s an essence that can’t be explained, we all can have it - if you don’t know what I speak of, then you don’t know - but if you do know, you know what I mean…

Curry as a food is important to him, although there is no cultural or ethnic connections for it to be so.

Be wary of “chefs” or anyone who wants to be rock star, real cooking and art is much more than fame and rock starness.

Beware of spiritual cross dressers. You can make what you want out of this phrase - it has many meanings.

He thinks a 1965 Ford Mustang and a 1969 Aston Martin are works of art.

Gentlemen are a rare breed indeed these days. Become a gentleman - if you can. (if you are a guy that is…be a gentlewoman, if you are a lady). Are there any ladies left anymore?

He likes food cooked on skewers, and rice pilafs, and has an Oriental-ist taste regarding food.

Aren’t old note books that have never been opened - and then opened - aren’t they just incredible things? Even more so when you start writing in them.

He thinks of things Mediterranean, especially concerning architecture and food and the eating and cooking of that food - especially in structures that are inspired by the Mediterranean.

He would rather own a used circa 1960s dog-eared copy of Julia Child’s two volume cook book, with food stains of previous owners, bought at the Strand Bookstore in NYC, rather than one that is associated with some silly movie.

He enjoys balmy weather. It’s good for the soul.

He doesn’t trust most of what the media says.

He is inspired by the American photographer Stephen Shore, and the American Super Realist Richard Estes. He likes the work of Edward Hopper, Wayne Thibauld, Alex Katz, Winslow Homer, Le Corbusier, Aldo Rossi, and Hergé.

He thinks beauty is more important than efficiency, culture is more important than politics and economics, and small, Local, Old, and Particular are almost always better than Big, Global, New, and Abstract.

Fear is the root cause of negativity in everything - it is the antithesis of how life was designed to be lived. Love, compromise, and forgiveness is the solution to most things.

He believes in books, used ones, even better, and lots of them.

He is a romantic in a very unromantic way.

He admires Lounge music, and Jazz, and not the Disco everyone listened to in the 1970s. House music if done correctly can heal negativity.

He thinks Ella Fitzgerald had the voice of an angel - listen to her and she will make you feel better. Her voice is comparable and even rivals that of the most famous opera singers - it’s been proven scientifically and I have felt it.

Hollywood actors live a lie for a living, then why listen to them when politics and human rights are concerned? They are lying to you on many different levels.

He likes Chinese food.

He’s lived in New York City since like 1969.

He loves New Orleans.

He thinks Obama is a farce.

He is not a member of the Democratic party.

He likes hot dogs, French food, cheese burgers, & beer, sometimes even in that order.

He reads the New Criterion and you should too.

He is Catholic.

He loves Jesus.

He likes Rumi.

He is intrigued by the Sufi.

He is fond of Indian swamis.

He likes to read about different religions and go to their temples.

He was born in Atlanta, Ga.

He had a lucid dream one time over twenty years ago where an English hippy explained to him the meaning of life and all through a simple mathematical formula that was all about God but once he woke up he forgot the equation! Don’t you hate when that happens?

He’s not ashamed to say that he’s experienced betrayal, frustration, and periods of sadness.

He thinks all those who claim that are psychics are full of it and should be exposed as charlatans and scam artists. Where where they on 9/10/01?  

He experienced 9/11 as it happened, but he was in Brooklyn Heights across the river. He heard when the 2nd plane crashed into the tower. It happened in slow motion. It was demonic. He never wants to experience anything like that again. He never wants to smell something like that again.

His parents once thought he was gay like in 1987. Boy, were they wrong about that one! Really wrong. They would’ve loved me anyway they said which I thought was cool, but I was pissed at them for not really knowing me.

He’s a Spanish sur-named individual and thinks words like “Latino” or “Hispanic” are artificial, meaningless, and real silly and they pigeonhole and stereotype individuals. Be different.

Yeah, he’s politically incorrect, but never in a mean way.

He has noticed that many who claim to be open minded, sometimes are more closed minded and intolerant than those who are mocked and criticized for allegedly being close minded.

He identifies as a conservative but that’s just too narrow a classification.

He’s just a guy.


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